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About Vethical

Vethical - Innovative Products for Exceptional Pet Health Care
Innovative Products for Exceptional Pet Health Care

Introducing Vethical: top quality products

We are dedicated to top quality health care for your pet - and that includes top quality medications. The Vethical products are designed with your pet's health in mind, to help ensure we will be providing your pet with our exceptional health care.

Vethical products are:

  • Reassuring: You know they're safe and effective, and if you have any questions, your veterinarian and staff will be happy to answer them.
  • Guaranteed: Vethical products are fully guaranteed.
  • Assurance: With Vethical we know exactly what your pet is taking, so we can control your pet’s treatment better and keep proper medical records of his or her medical history. And that means better health care for your pet!
  • Convenient: Get them on a regular visit or have them delivered right to your door, exactly when you need them, through Home Delivery.
  • Medical follow-up: We know what’s best for your pet when it comes to recommendations for medication and dosage that take breed, age, weight and lifestyle into account and we monitor your pet’s response to medications. This in turn assures complete and accurate medical records we can rely on. Just like with people, doctors can’t safeguard their patients’ health unless they know the quality of the medications they’re taking, and even more importantly, whether they’re taking them correctly.