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SimpleGuard for Cats & Kittens

SimpleGuard® for cats and kittens

Fleas can present a persistent threat to your cat's health. Infected fleas not only cause discomfort, they can transmit serious diseases to your cat. To prevent disease transmission and re-infestation, it's important to kill adult fleas quickly and prevent the development of all immature flea stages. A monthly application of Vethical SimpleGuard® for Cats & Kittens can help protect your cat from fleas and the diseases they may carry.


Fast-acting protection against fleas

Vethical SimpleGuard for Cats & Kittens is a monthly topical flea control product that provides long-lasting protection against all stages of fleas. Applying it once a month all through the year provides relief from flea infestation and protection from disease transmission to your kitten or cat.

  • Kills fleas within 6 hours.
  • Kills on contact; fleas do not have to bite to die.
  • Protects against flea-borne diseases including tularemia, rickettsiosis, bartonellosis and tapeworm.
  • Protects cats from all stages of fleas: eggs, larvae, pupae and adults.
  • One application protects your cat for 1 month.
  • Insect growth regulator remains effective after exposure to sunlight.
  • Safe for kittens as young as 8 weeks of age.


Patented applicator

Vethical SimpleGuard for Cats & Kittens products use a unique, patented applicator that features an elongated tip to make it easy to apply to a cat's skin through the hair coat. The rounded tip minimizes risk of skin abrasions. The contoured applicator is easy to use, eliminates spillage and splashing, and has been clinically tested to ensure accurate dosing. With the one-piece applicator, there is no need to use scissors to open or remove a cap, making application fast and efficient and, at the same time, minimizing the potential of a choking hazard.

One-click design makes application a snap

You'll appreciate our easy-to-open, easy-to-apply applicator. The one-click design means there's no cap to remove or cut off. You simply push the two disks together and apply as directed. Our applicator is so unique, it's patented.

You'll love it too

The Vethical SimpleGuard for Cats & Kittens applicator is a big hit with veterinarians, veterinary technicians and dog owners across the country. Here's why:

  • Simply push the two disks together to puncture the seal and apply. (Do not remove tip.)
  • Long tip reaches through the hair coat.
  • Rounded tip minimizes risk of skin abrasions.
  • No-drip, no-splash technology allows you to apply full dose as recommended.
How to apply Vethical SimpleGuard for Cats & Kittens properly

How to apply:

  1. Remove applicator from package.
  2. The cat should be standing or in a comfortable position for easy application.
  3. Holding the applicator upright, pointing away from face, place thumb and index finger around the applicator tip under the large disk. With other hand, grasp the stem of the applicator tip above small disk. Press down firmly on small disk until both disks meet, piercing the seal. (See Illustration)
  4. Part the hair down to the level of the skin and slowly apply the product at the base of the cat's (and/or kitten's) neck until the applicator tube is completely empty, as shown in the diagram below. Do not make superficial application to the cat/kitten's hair.
  5. Discard empty applicator tube as outlined in Storage and Disposal.
  6. Repeat every month or as recommended by your veterinarian, but do not apply more often than once a month.
  7. For optimum treatment, control and prevention of adult fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae and flea pupae, year-round treatment is recommended.

Storage and Disposal:

  1. Do not contaminate water, food or feed by storage and disposal.
  2. Storage:  Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from freezing.
  3. Disposal: : If empty, do not reuse the container. Place in trash or offer for recycling if available. If partially filled, call your local solid waste agency for disposal instructions. Never place unused products down any indoor or outdoor drain.


Fleas: More trouble than you can see

If your cat has fleas, it's very important to realize that the adult fleas you see make up a very small percentage of the entire flea problem. Under ideal conditions, a pair of fleas can produce millions of descendants in one year, and each new generation can grow from egg to adult in only 21 days. Since fleas have such an incredibly rapid rate of reproduction, it's critical to prevent the development of all flea stages - from flea eggs, larvae and pupae to adult.

Flea pyramid
The need for new chemistry

Nature is constantly shifting, and vectors tend to adapt in order to survive. Over time, fleas can develop resistance to existing chemistry, which makes some active ingredients less effective in protecting pets from infestation and infection.

Vethical SimpleGuard for Cats & Kittens products are based on a brand new compound called dinotefuran. After years of development, numerous studies and veterinary clinics across the United States have shown that Vethical SimpleGuard for Cats & Kittens products kill fleas quickly, without a noticeable decline in effectiveness between applications.

Complete flea protection

Vethical SimpleGuard for Cats & Kittens products, used once a month, every month of the year, effectively prevent all stages of the flea life cycle by killing adult fleas, flea larvae and early pupae. Breaking the life cycle may help reduce the risk of flea allergy dermatitis and other serious diseases. It is imperative that all pets in the household be treated to ensure complete flea protection.

All it takes is one bite

Fleas are capable of spreading a number of diseases to kittens, cats, humans and other animals. The following chart highlights some common diseases caused by these pests:

Flea-related disease dangers for your cat.

Vector Diseases Symptoms
Flea table Anemia (Especially in young pets) Pale Gums, Weakness
Tapeworm disease Irritability, Rough Coat, Mild Diarrhea, Weight Loss
Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) Inflammation, Rash, Severe Itching, Hair Loss
Bartonellosis (Cat Scratch Fever) Fever, Swelling of Lymph Nodes, Lack of Balance and Disorientation (usually goes undetected by owner)
Rickettsia Fever, Nausea, Vomiting, Muscle Pain
Tularemia Fever, Swollen Lymph Nodes, Nasal and Ocular Discharge

Product Insert

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Michael Dryden, DVM MS, PhD.